Tuesday, December 28, 2004

"We're Fighting To Get Back To Iraq!" 

"We're Fighting To Get Back To Iraq!"

Hat tip to BLACKFIVE;

Here is an email that I received yesterday from Catherine in Alabama:

am a frequent reader and occasional commenter to your site. I just wanted to
relate a story that happened this weekend. I was in New Orleans on Christmas
Day, trying to put children on a flight to visit relatives. However, the weather
was unusually severe for New Orleans...snow and ice. The airport and the city
pretty much shut down. While my husband was in line trying to reschedule the
children's flights, my youngest stepson and I noticed a group of soldiers
clustered around a payphone, apparently trying to reschedule their flights. We
walked over to tell them "Thank you" for serving our country. I also told them
that I wasn't flying, but that if I was, I would give up my ticket to them so
that they could get home for Christmas. The soldiers smiled, but one of them
spoke up, "Thank you ma'am. But we've already been home and now we're fighting
to get BACK to Iraq." I was moved to tears...all these travellers, frazzled and
exhausted, are just trying to get to their families. And here are these brave,
brave men working to make travel arrangements to LEAVE their families so that
all these other families can be together safely and in peace. God Bless all our
military men and women. Y'all are the greatest!!!

I've heard from friends of similar accounts at different airports over the last few months. Doesn't surprise me that much but still makes me damn proud of those men and women serving our country.


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