Monday, November 01, 2004

You Can Help 

From BlackFive and Soldiers' Angles

Sergeant Joseph Bozik, an Airborne Soldier with the 118th MP Company (Airborne) from Ft. Bragg, was recently wounded. He has lost both legs and an arm from a landmine, is not not conscious and has many medical complications. On Monday, Sergeant Bozik will be flown into Walter Reed from Landstuhl (Germany).

Unfortunately, the family doesn't have enough money to maintain themselves in a hotel (let alone buy food) for an extended period. The Army paid for airfare for 2 family members and Soldiers' Angels paid for airfare for 2 two more. The Angels can cover hotel expenses for only three days. Fisher House is full so they have to stay at a hotel.

We need your help. You can donate directly to a fund set up to assist the family with caring for Joe. You can send donations to the address or call the phone number below.

SGT Bozik Fund
c/o Centura Bank
ATTN Aiko Raynor
14615 US HWY 17 PO BOX 74

910 772 8930

Update 10-31-04: Kelly the Patriette is connected to this story and has an article link about Sergeant Bozik. Be sure to read the link.

“He felt like he was doing the right thing,” she said. “If that meant risking his life to save millions more, he was going to do it.”

Thanks to bloggers Kelly, Fred and Michelle for linking to this call for help. Also, thanks to Sergeant Stryker (Timmer), Rick Brady, Frank J., and SlagleRock.

Update 2 10-31-04: I've had a lot of requests to donate via Paypal. Until I can find out more (whether the bank will take a credit card donation), I am a little hesitant to put up a Donation Button. If on Monday, Centura Bank will take a credit card/debit card donation, I might put up a Paypal link.

In order to provide transparency, I am thinking of copying Soldiers' Angels on the transactions so there would be a third party involved (donor-me-SA then the bank). Ideas?

Update 3: 10-31-04: Patti of Soldiers' Angels set up a link to a paypal donation page - and, since SA is a non-profit, it's tax deductible!


I just sent a donation via the PayPal link. It took about 45 seconds. Please, continue to spread the word about this chance to help a wounded soldier.


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