Saturday, September 11, 2004

We Shall Never Forget 

Vist them all today and remember. Always remember...

Never forget. Never yield. The stakes are far, far too high.

www.nyc.gov/html/fdny/media/tribute/tribute.html New York City Fire Department Tribute

http://www.mudvillegazette.com/archives/000307.html We would be deeply remiss without mentioning Morgan Stanley hero Rick Rescorla, who refused to leave until he was sure all his people were out. He's still there. Those who served with him in Vietnam say he was the bravest men they had ever seen. On 9/11, he proved it again. Read. This. Story.

http://wansuites.com/911.html Video

http://www.worldtradetribute.com/yellow7/usa/ Dedicated to remembering the victims and heroes of the September 11 tragedy through pictures, motion, and sound.

http://www.cantcryhardenough.com/ Flash video. Tissues needed.

http://hurryupharry.bloghouse.net/archives/2004/09/10/letter_from_america.php Alistair Cooke ‘Letter from America’ of December 2002

http://chrenkoff.blogspot.com/2004/09/remembering-s11.html Blog from down under.

http://www.light-of-reason.blogspot.com/2002_09_01_light-of-reason_archive.html#81303562 Abe Zelmanowitz was an Orthodox Jew from Brooklyn, New York, who worked in the World Trade Center and stayed behind to remain with a paraplegic colleague.

http://www.maui.net/~zen_gtr/cancer20.html ...the greatest eulogy I've ever heard or read.

10_im_ok_im_with_the_firemen_in_memory_of_bill_biggart.shtml “I’m OK, I’m with the firemen” ...photographer was Bill Biggart, who was killed at the age of 54 when the North Tower collapsed.

http://www.buzzmachine.com/archives/2004_09_10.html#007947 The falling. Dear Lord. Jeff Jarvis tells us more than than we want to know - but the thing is, it's true. It's real. If there's any ray of comfort in this post, it's his explanation of why the NYC Medical Examiner won't classify any of those 200 or so people (!!!) as "jumpers" or "suicides." A seemingly-trivial thing, but in my religion that would matter a lot.

http://www.asmallvictory.net/photoblog/ Stories from 911

http://outtacontext.com/dichotomy/d_pairing.php Dichotomy: It Was a Matter of Time and Place


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