Thursday, August 19, 2004

A Southern California Packing Party 

August 19, 2004

Hello Angels! I am sure you have all heard by now that we have adopted two new military hospitals in Southern California, Camp Pendleton and Balboa Naval Hospital. With great anticipation of this great and honorable task we have begun to supply our local group of soldiers with necessities such as underwear, socks, paints, and hygiene supplies.

Also included were phone cards, games, DVD’s and other related items. All supplies were gathered and put into welcome backpacks for the incoming soldiers. Last Friday, these packages were put together generously by our Southern California Angels headed by Kara Root and Debe Tomney. All of these Angels were fantastic personally creating each and every package as well as writing their thanks and appreciation.

Thank you for all that attended, and thank you for all of the supplies generosity donated.
No “… Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman [will] go unloved” here in the Camp Pendleton and Balboa Navel Hospitals.

Visit Soldiers' Angels today.


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