Friday, August 13, 2004

Babalu Blog: BlogCuba - Sgt Hook 

Babalu Blog: BlogCuba - Sgt Hook

Pete Martin’s daydreaming was interrupted by the whoosh of an incoming rocket followed by an explosion that rocked his world throwing him from his cot which landed on top of him, he spit dirt from his mouth. His ears ringing, Private First Class Martin reacted instinctively as his training had taught him, running from the tent and tripping over the private who had been assigned to guard him. He was dead. The sound of AK47s firing kept him from dwelling on the dead Soldier at his feet, he grabbed his guard’s M4 and magazines and ran to the HESCO wall of the FOB. A 240B machine gun began returning fire from the observation tower twenty meters to his left. Another rocket hit inside the compound, this time taking out their ammunition supply point throwing dirt and shrapnel everywhere. Pete felt his flesh burn as pieces of hot metal pierced his back. The enemy fire increased on the other side of the wall. The FOB was devoid of people, where the hell were all the Soldiers?

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Thanks Hook.


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