Monday, May 10, 2004

Bravery is back, baby! 

Doug Giles: Bravery is back, baby!

The United States of America originated from intelligent, freedom loving, hard working, God fearing people. They had a clear sense of right and wrong and were not afraid to face down tyrants who tried to take away their God given freedoms. They were true revolutionaries who risked life, limb, family and fortune to found this incredible country. Our Judeo-Christian-principled forefathers were brave, disciplined, industrious protectors of life and liberty willing to lose everything, including their lives to protect their inalienable rights.

Our Founders were not sleepy, lethargic, passive goons who hit the brakes when they encountered the first speed bump in their path to liberty. They said, “Don’t Tread on Me” … “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” … “Live Free or Die”!

These mottos were not tired, empty Alec Baldwin bombast, but holy verbiage backed up by sacrificial blood and guts. It was this spirit that yielded up the freest and most prosperous nation this planet has ever seen.

Make no mistake about it. It was the principled and grand statesman, lawyer, minister, peddler, plow hand and parishioner who faced death, disease and deprivation as they strove to create and elevate this great land of ours from scratch. Our continued success and expansion has been the product of the brave and the courageous throughout the centuries, men and women who were willing to make every sacrifice for our nation.

The wise, religious, strong, moral and selfless in every generation are the ones who have moved this country from glory to glory and from strength to strength.


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